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Scared about your legal situation? Not sure what to do?
You don't have to feel helpless or overwhelmed anymore!


Have you been injured in a auto accident and it wasn't your fault?

Not sure if you should settle on your own or get an attorney?

 Starting now, you no longer have to make legal decisions without some help, guidance, and training. You can have your own Legal Coach guide you and answer your personal injury questions and teach you what you need to know and how to hire a personal injury and wrongful death attorney.

I was hurt in a car accident.  Should I get an attorney?  How much more would an attorney get me than I can get on my own?

James P., Marietta, GA

I was hurt and want to file a personal injury claim but don't really know where to start or what the process is. Can you help? 

Sheila R., Alpharetta, GA

I was involved in a car accident where the driver was drunk. Does that mean I get more?

Katherina M., Atlanta, GA

I can't believe I have to give an attorney 1/3rd of what I should get for my injuries?  After all, there isn't any question about who was at fault (the other person) and how badly I was hurt.  Why should I pay that much to an attorney?

Mark C., Roswell, GA

A family member was killed in a wreck and it was in the news.  Since then, we have been contacted by attorneys and people saying they work for attorneys wanting to "help" us.  Is this legitimate?  What should we do?

Jennifer S., Sandy Springs, GA

Everyone tells me I have to hire an attorney and the TV ads sure make it seem that I should?  Should I?

Chris D., Smyrna, GA

It wasn't a car wreck, but I was hurt badly. Can I get paid for my injuries, my medical expenses and my pain and suffering?

Sophia M., Dunwoody, GA

An insurance claims adjuster wants me to settle and I am not sure what to do?  Sure, I can hire one of those attorneys who advertise or even someone with a nice website.  But does the net amount I get go up or down if I do so?

Debbie N., Athens, GA


Don't wait any longer to get the information and guidance you need - without commiting to pay 1/3 or more of what you should get.


Only $99 for a Session with the 99 Dollar Lawyer!

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What can I get in a Session?

Your Session will include a step back and assessment of where you are and a determination of what options are available to get you the outcome or result you want, evaluating and deciding if you need to hire an attorney to present your claim, how to decide on an attorney to hire, and how to handle your own claim if you decide not to hire an attorney.

Personal Injury ChecklistLearn what your realistic legal and non-legal options are (and what are not options).

Personal Injury ChecklistDecide what personal injury laws apply to your situation and get the resources to do what needs to be done and how best to do so.

Personal Injury ChecklistDecide what to do in response to the offers and demands from the insurance company.

Personal Injury ChecklistExplore strategy and direction in your personal injury case.

Personal Injury ChecklistBe taught how to pick an attorney and to negotiate the fee you will pay that attorney from what you recover or how to represent yourself better and increase the chances of winning.

Personal Injury ChecklistAssess the range of outcomes for your situation, because doing so will help you decide what to do (and what not to do).

Personal Injury ChecklistIf you have an attorney, get a impartial "second opinion" on what your current attorney is telling you and is doing (or not doing).

When my sister, my daughter and my granddaughter were killed by a driver for a major company, David helped our entire family by being honest with us!  He agreed to work for a much smaller fee than the many other attorneys who tried to get us to hire them and the result could not have been better as we settled for $8.5 million and kept far more than had we hired a different attorney.

Jessie B., Macon, GA

David came highly recommended by a good friend and he was very responsive and attentive to every question I had when my daughter was hurt in a car wreck and she was a passenger, so it wasn't her fault.  I was surprised that the insurance company agreed to pay as much as it did! 

Milena P., Cobb County, GA

David is extremely bright and well versed in many facets of the law. Over the years, he has provided us with his guidance across several different areas including our claims from an auto wreck. He continues to impress us with his ability to be detail oriented while maintaining a a big picture view on any issue. An hour with David will be an hour well spent. 
Rick and Sue E., Marietta, GA
Legal coach David DeLugas
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The 99 Dollar Lawyer will answer your questions about and get you to understand:

  • Personal Injury claims
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Lost Wages and Income
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • Car and Truck Driver negligence
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Underinsured drivers
  • Uninsured drivers
  • Insurance settlement
  • Loss of Consortium or claims of your spouse
  • How to hire an attorney