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Scared about your legal situation? Not sure what to do?
You don't have to feel helpless or overwhelmed anymore!


  Have you been sued in magistrate court ?

Not sure if you have a small claims case worth filing?

Just want help figuring out how to file and how to fill out forms?

You don’t have to guess or to feel helpless or uninformed anymore!

Affordable  small claims court legal help and guidance . . . WHEN you need it.


Starting now, you no longer have to make legal decisions without some help, guidance, and training. You can have your own Legal Coach guide you and answer your small claims court questions and teach you what you need to know:

My tenant refuses to pay for damages to the rental unit in excess of the security deposit? Do I have a small claims case? If so, how do I proceed?

James P., Marietta, GA

My business has only occasional need of an attorney, but most attorneys want a retainer just to let me call with questions.  Does the 99 Dollar Lawyer permit me just to have a Session any time I have a question about my employees, or about my landlord or about customer issues?  (99dollarlawyer Answer: YES).

Sheila R., Alpharetta, GA

My auto mechanic charged for work not performed and also for work I didn't authorize, can  I sue in small claims court?

Lisa M., Atlanta, GA

This merchant refused to replace, repair or refund faulty merchandise. Do it take him to small claims court?

Chris B., Roswell, GA

My customer stopped paying on her remodeling project and failed to respond to emails or calls. Do I file a lien on her property to collect $20,000 payment? Is there a time limit?

Leslie Q., Columbus, GA

I have a dispute with a vendor who refuses to honor its warranty. It is located in Atlanta, GA. Which court do I file in and is this a small claims case?

John D., Duluth, GA

My roomate moved out without paying her share of the rent. Can I settle this dispute using small claims court?

Theresa L., Gainesville, GA

I was given a Summons and Statement of Claim (is it also called a Complaint).  What do I have to do?  The claim is not true.  Can I just ignore the Summons?

Debbie N., Columbus, GA

 Don't wait any longer to get the information and guidance you need and, if in a court case, to get ready for your small claims or magistrate court trial.


Only $99 for your Session with the 99 Dollar Lawyer!

Pay with PayPal - No PayPal Account Needed - credit cards accepted


What can I get in a Session?

Your Session will include a step back and assessment of where you are and a determination of what options are available to get you the outcome or result you want and training in what to do and how to do it.


Small Claims ChecklistLearn what your realistic legal and non-legal options are (and what are not options).

Small Claims ChecklistDecide what laws apply to the claim you want to bring in magistrate court or small claims court and get the resources to do what needs to be done and how best to do so.

Small Claims ChecklistBe directed to the online filing forms and be guided in how to complete those forms to file your case or to answer the claim filed against you.

Small Claims ChecklistHave documents reviewed and explained in plain terms so you understand them.

Small Claims ChecklistDecide what to do in response to a bogus claim made against you or your company.

Small Claims ChecklistExplore strategy and direction in your small claims case in magistrate court (or similar court where you are).

Small Claims ChecklistBe taught how to represent yourself better and increase the chances of winning your small claims case.

Small Claims ChecklistAssess the range of outcomes for your situation, because doing so will help you decide what to do (and what not to do).

Small Claims ChecklistIf you have an attorney, get a impartial "second opinion" on what your current attorney is telling you and is doing (or not doing).


 If you need assistance in completing forms to start a lawsuit or to defend against a lawsuit, please Book A Session for fixed fee legal services.

 Let the 99 Dollar Lawyer review your documents, explain them in plain terms and provide any necessary revisions and recommendations before you sign them. The 99 Dollar Lawyer can, in some cases, also prepare your documents ("ghost writing") for your use.

Overwhelmed with legal paperwork


David provided important information when our children damaged a rental home and there was concern about a property damage claim being made against them. A short phone call was far more convenient and economical than an office visit. This is the way to go to get expert legal advice!

Bob R., East Cobb County, GA

Worked with David many times over the phone whenever needing his input on our landscaping and hardscaping businesses, on a injury claim, and other employee-employer and corporate matters including collection of monies owed to our company. He is a very good attorney. We highly recommend him as he will get the job done. I have referred him many times. 

Steve Montgomery, Alpharetta, GA

David is extremely bright and well versed in many facets of the law. Over the years, he has provided us wiht his guidance across several different areas including our claims from an auto wreck. He continues to impress us with his ability to be detail oriented while maintaining a a big picture view on any issue. An hour with David will be an hour well spent. 
Rick and Sue E., Marietta, GA
Legal Coach David DeLugas
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The 99 Dollar Lawyer will answer your questions about and get you to understand:

  • Small Claims Court
  • Magistrate Court in Georgia
  • Summons and Statement of Claims
  • How to file your lawsuit and claims
  • How to get your action served
  • What to do if you are sued
  • What if the claims are bogus?
  • How to bring Counterclaims
  • How to bring "Cross-claims"
  • How to prepare to win
  • What is "hearsay?"
  • Who has to come to the trial
  • What documents must you have
  • How to find and fill out forms