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Scared about your legal situation? Not sure what to do?
You don't have to feel helpless or overwhelmed anymore!


 Worried and scared about the divorce that is coming or that has been filed?

Your spouse hired a high-priced divorce attorney and you just cannot afford one.  How can you protect yourself?

You don’t have to feel helpless or overwhelmed anymore!

Affordable divorce legal help, information and guidance . . . WHEN you need it.


Starting now, you no longer have to make legal decisions without being informed and knowing your options. You can have your own Legal Coach guide you and answer your divorce questions:

Can you change an uncontested divorce case to contested? Does cheating cost you in a divorce?

James P., Stockbridge, GA

Can I ask the court to postpone my final divorce hearing for 6 months? 

Sheila R., Alpharetta, GA

I have a pre-nuptial agreement in place. How does if affect filling for divorce?

Lisa M., Savannah, GA

What is the legal amount of time to be separated in Georgia before filling for divorce?

Chris B., Decatur, GA

I live in Mississipi and my husband in Georgia. Where do I file for spousal support?

John D., Duluth, GA

I will be filling for an uncontested divorce. We have a 6 year old. Do I have to go through court to determine child support?

Theresa L., Dalton, GA

My spouse does not agree to divide the marital property evenly. We do not have kids. How do I get a fair division?

Debbie N., Valdosta, GA

 Don't wait any longer to get the information and guidance you need and, if a case has already been filed, don't wait to get ready for your divorce hearings.


Only $99 for your Session with the 99 Dollar Lawyer!

Pay with PayPal - No PayPal Account Needed - credit cards accepted


What can I get in a Session?

Your Session will include a step back and assessment of where you are and a determination of what options are available to get you the outcome or result you want and training in what to do and how to do it.


Blue CheckLearn what your realistic legal and non-legal options are (and what are not options).

Blue CheckDecide what custody, visitation, support, alimony and property division laws apply to your situation and get the resources to do what needs to be done and how best to do so.

Blue CheckDecide what to do in response to the demands from your spouse or your spouse's attorney.

Blue CheckExplore strategy and direction in an existing or expected divorce case.

Blue CheckBe taught how to represent yourself better and increase the chances of winning or how to interview and hire the right attorney for you.

Blue CheckAssess the range of outcomes for your situation, because doing so will help you decide what to do (and what not to do).

Blue CheckIf you have an attorney, get a impartial "second opinion" on what your current attorney is telling you and is doing (or not doing).


If you need assistance completing forms that are required to begin or defend against a divorce or other action, please Book A Session for fixed fee legal services.

Forms reviewed by attorney

Overwhelmed with legal paperwork

Let the 99 Dollar Lawyer review your documents and provide any necessary revisions and recommendations before you sign them.

The 99 Dollar Lawyer can, in some cases, also prepare your documents ("ghost writing") for your use.


I highly recommend working with David. I am a clinical psychologist who consults with clients that often require legal expertise particularly in the area of divorce, custody disputes, and other family law areas. I enthusiastically refer those individuals to David as I know from my own experience in working with him that he is a knowledgeable and caring professional who will be there to help without breaking the bank. -

Alex H., Atlanta, GA

David has represented me on two separate occasions in divorce and other family law issues (including custody) and I could not have been anymore pleased with his work. His expansive knowledge of the law along his customer service expertise are unrivaled in his profession. Even to this day I know if I need legal counsel David will take care of me in an accurate and timely fashion. I highly recommend his counsel and will use him again (hoping not, but if I must). -

Carol M., Fulton County, GA

I was pleasantly surprised at how efficiently David used the time during our phone session. He is very direct and honest, as he gave me straight-forward answers to my questions about a possible divorce without wasting any time. He is definitely a "cut to the chase" type of person, while at the same time, he seemed to have my best interests in mind. This was particularly helpful because I had already sat in an attorney's office and wasn't really satisfied with that consultation (which is why I found David and spoke on the phone with him). By the end of our 30 minute phone Session, I understood my options and what the process would involve and that helped immensely in my making a good decision about what to do and when to do it. -
Leslie W., Marietta, GA
Legal Coach David DeLugas
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The 99 Dollar Lawyer will answer your questions about and get you to understand:

  • Legal Separation and Separate Maintenance

  • Uncontested divorce and contested divorce

  • Prenuptial agreement and ante-nuptial agreement

  • Marital property and separate property

  • Equitable Division of Assets and Debts

  • Child Custody and Visitation

  • Alimony: Lump Sum and Periodic

  • Collaborative divorce

  • Visitation rights and Parenting Plans

  • The divorce process

  • Divorce Forms
  • Child Support Worksheets and Forms