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Can I choose whether to have my Session by phone or by Go To Meeting?

Yes.  It is your time.  If you choose, the phone, the 99 Dollar Lawyer will call the number you provided at the time the Session is to begin.  If you choose Go To Meeting, you will receive an invitation via email in advance and you will join the Session from your computer (Mac or PC) or iPhone or Android or tablet.  Be sure to read about Go To Meeting in the question on this FAQ.  If you want to use your computer (using a headset) but do not wish to have the 99 Dollar Lawyer see you, the controls of Go To Meeting allow you to turn off your webcam, but to use the audio portion.  Also, on Go To Meeting, if appropriate, the 99 Dollar Lawyer can put a document or image on his computer screen and share that with you (which cannot be done during a phone Session).  Still, the choice is all yours.


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