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Will the 99 Dollar Lawyer refer me to an attorney I can hire to represent me?

No.  This is not a referral service or a disguise for one.  Knowing that the 99 Dollar Lawyer will not refer you to some other attorney to hire, you are assured that the 99 Dollar Lawyer is going to do his best to help guide, train and coach you to represent yourself, to avoid a legal dispute altogether, or to shop for the best attorney for you and to negotiate the best fee agreement that may save you a lot of money.  If you decide that hiring an attorney is desirable for you, the 99 Dollar Lawyer will train you in how to shop for the best attorney, to get the best value (best attorney for the money) and to monitor that attorney about the fees and expenses and what is done and not done.  The 99 Dollar Lawyer is available for Sessions to review what your attorney does (or doesn't do) and what is being charged, something similar to a "second opinion" or to a watchdog!


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