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Scared about your legal situation? Not sure what to do?
You don't have to feel helpless or overwhelmed anymore!

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What is this Session going to be like?

Let's answer this question by describing what the Session will not be:

It will not be a time for you to vent, to be angry, to be distracted, or to be sensitive.

Imagine if you didn't play piano well and, yet, you were going to perform on stage in front of a packed audience.  The piano teacher trying to help you is going to be firm, focused, and give you instruction and tips to help you cope with the situation in which you find yourself.   Or, imagine you are about to play in an athletic competition in a sport in which you do not know the rules, but you've watched it a few times on TV, and you are competing against an opponent who will use the rules against you.  Your coach is trying to give you the basics, the nuances, and the specific instruction that will best enable you to go on the field and compete to win.

The 99 Dollar Lawyer is going to apply over 30 years of experience and assess your situation then try to give you what you need, maybe not what you want, to help you handle the situation you've laid out for him.  Sure, ask for what you want, but do allow yourself to consider the possibility that he has figured out what will best help you and he wants you to have that information and instruction by the end of the Session.  So, listen up and don't be bothered if you are interrupted.  After all, you are paying to get what you can from the 99 Dollar Lawyer, not to talk his ear off.



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