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Scared about your legal situation? Not sure what to do?
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What should I expect to get from the Session?

Try to focus during the Session on learning how to do more, learn more, and get specific actions done after your Session on your own.  It is the goal of the 99 Dollar Lawyer to help you and not to require that you return time and again.  The complexity of your situation and your individual abilities will dictate how much you get from a Session.  Remember, law school in the USA comes only after college and law school is 3 years in length.  Even those who graduate from law school do not all get a license to practice law and those who get a license to practice don't all do well in the courtroom.  If you are representing yourself, it isn't recommended or easy.  Yet, the 99 Dollar Lawyer Sessions are intended to accelerate your learning curve and to give you the tools to do a better job handling your situation, which circumstances may have caused you to do on your own.


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