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Any suggestions for preparing in advance for the Session?

Yes, mostly, it is about focusing on what you wish to accomplish during the Session.  Consider that when you visit with a doctor, the doctor gets information (vital signs), conducts tests, and asks you questions to get the specific information needed.  The doctor does not need or want to hear all about who was the person who coughed on you passing the bug to you, which flavor Gatorade you have been drinking, or what late night program you watched last night which is why you are so tired.  Similarly, the 99 Dollar Lawyer, to make effective use of YOUR time, may seem uninterested in your "story," but the directness is intended to give you the most help possible. 

We recommended that you email in advance any document, such as a Court Order or Judgment, a summons and complaint, contract, or letter about which you have questions or which prompted you to book the Session.

We recommend that you write in advance questions you hope to get answered and email those to coach@99dollarlawyer.com.  By emailing in advance (a) a short description of your situation, (b) your questions and (c) your goals, when the Session begins, the 99 Dollar Lawyer can read your email and pick out from it what additional information, if any, might be necessary to begin quickly to help you.  He will not read your email or review your document in advance, so make it just long enough to permit the 99 Dollar Lawyer to get "up to speed" quickly and start providing you help!


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